ASCID evening symposium October 2018

Human Challenge Studies

09 October 18u30 - 22u00


18u00-18u30: Opening reception with coffee and sandwiches 

General Introduction - Prof. Zwi Berneman (VAXINFECTIO, LEH, UAntwerpen)

18u30-19u10  "CHIM: what can we do with these models from a regulatory viewpoint" – Pieter Neels, chair Human Vaccine Committee IABS 

19u10- 19u50  "The Ethical Aspects of Human Challenge Studies" – Dr Hugh Davies, Oxford Chair Research Ethics Committee  

19u50- 20u30  “Developing novel controlled human infection models for parasitic diseases" - Dr Meta Roestenberg, Leids Universitair Medisch Centrum (LUMC) 

Closing reception



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