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Computational Mathematics

Computational Mathematics involves mathematical research in areas of science where computing plays a central and essential role, emphasizing algorithms, numerical methods, symbolic methods and scientific computing.

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Latest news and events


April 10
Min Tang (East China Normal University, China) joins our research group as a joint PhD student and starts a 6-month research stay.


March 3
Yuan Hou (East China Normal University, China) starts a 3-month stay at our research group on the research project "Special function tables on demand" (in cooperation with the National Institute of Standards, Washington, D.C., USA). His stay is funded by the Fund of ECNU for Overseas and Domestic Academic Visit.


January 20
Annie Cuyt invited to give a colloquium lecture "Signal processing, Sparse interpolation, and Rational approximation" at the Institute for Numerical and Applied Mathematics, University of Goettingen (Germany).

January 13
Lunch seminar "Sparse Fast Fourier Transform" by Matteo Briani (11.45, room G.017).

January 5
Kurt Lust joins HPC core facility CalcUA as an HPC analyst.


December 19
Doctoral defense of Maryna Lukach "A contribution to multivariate generalized rational interval interpolation" (10.30, Campus Middelheim A.143).

December 5
Stefano De Marchi (University of Padua, Italy) gives a talk on "A new quasi-Monte Carlo technique based on nonnegative least squares and approximate Fekete points", in room A.143 (CMI) at 11 am.

December 1
John Perry (Department of Mathematics, University of Southern Mississippi, USA)
gives a talk on "So Macaulay needed a diet...", in room G.004 (CMI) at 2pm.


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