News and events

June 2018

June 28 - July 4
Curves and Surfaces 2018 in Arcachon (France). Our group contributes two talks: “Multidimensional supperresolution in science and industry” and “Identification problems in multi-exponential analysis” (Annie Cuyt and Wen-shin Lee).

May 2018

May 27-31
Euronoise 2018 in Crete, Greece. Our group presents a proceedings paper and a poster “Superresolution underwater acoustics”, a joint work of Annie Cuyt, Wen-shin Lee, Engelbert Tijskens (CMA), Wen-Ling Hong, Jr-Ping Wang (National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology, Taiwan), and Tim Cools, Tim Geerts (Antwerp Maritime Academy, Belgium).

May 3-4
Workshop: Seminari Padovani di Analisi Numerica (SPAN 2018) at the Department of Mathematics "Tullio Levi-Civita", University of Padua (Italy). Matteo Briani gives a talk titled "VEXPA: a Validated EXPonential Analysis method".

April 2018

April 17
Wen-shin Lee gives a colloquium lecture "Identification problems in exponential analysis" at the Institute for Numerical and Applied Mathematics, University of Goettingen (Germany).

March 2018

March 23
Wen-shin Lee gives a talk "Sparse regular sampling schemes for exponential analysis" at the Computing Science and Maths Seminar, University of Stirling (Scotland, UK).

February 2018

February 19-23
IM-Workshop 2018 on Signals, Images, and Approximation in Bernried, Germany. Two talks are contributed by our group: "From exponential analysis in signal processing to sparse interpolation, Padé approximation and tensor decomposition" and "Identification problems in multi-exponential analysis" (Annie Cuyt and Wen-shin Lee).

January 2018

January 17
Research Day of the Faculty of Science (T.103, CGB campus). Christophe Segers gives a lecture titled "The search for an appropriate model to fit real-life data".

January 2
Thomas Danckaert joins HPC core facility CalcUA as an HPC analyst.