Active Perception Lab

The work in the lab is oriented towards the development of biomimetic sensors for environment perception by autonomous systems. This interdisciplinary research is directed at the study of biological sensory systems with the aim of extracting a better understanding of the engineering solutions nature, after a very long evolutionary optimization process, has come up with.  We maintain that the regions of the design space explored by nature are sufficiently different from the ones explored by human engineers that this approach can function as a source of interesting, new, ideas for engineered systems as well.

Because biological organisms and their environments form tightly coupled interacting systems in which all components: environmental characteristics and dynamics, sensory  morphology, peripheral and central neural processing and behavioural patterns play a significant role our research will be carried out at three levels simultaneously: the morphology and mechanics, the signal processing, and the behavioural strategies of the model animal systems. Extraction of significant environment information is considered an emergent property from processing going on at all three levels.


Stadscampus Ko08-building
Room L15
Koningstraat 8
2000 Antwerpen
Tel. +32 3 265 4670