Device-free crowd sensing at large music festivals using radio frequency signal features. 01/11/2019 - 31/10/2023


Large music festivals such as Studio Brussels' 'De Warmste Week' and Tomorrowland have a need for privacy conscious systems and algorithms that measure and analyse the density and flow of crowds for safety and security purposes. Such systems and algorithms for automated crowd status (density, flow, activity) assessments can alleviate the currently difficult task presented to trained staff and police forces. Our research group was the first to attempt to estimate large numbers of people through passive, radio frequency device free localization, at a venue supporting at least seven thousand attendees at the Tomorrowland music festival. Our preliminary data correlates with the rough density estimates currently available to event organisers, mainly coming from expert opinion based on a limited amount of cameras. My research will focus on three crucial aspects, which I will elaborate upon in this proposal: first, accurately model the relationship between crowd density and radio frequency signal features; second, estimate crowd flows in the environment; and finally, investigate if it is possible to relate crowd activity to the radio frequency signal features. By using radio signal features, the proposed system respects the privacy of individuals by design, making it truly non-intrusive.


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