I have a PhD in Medical Sciences (FWO-funded) from the University of Antwerp, where I am currently working as a post-doctoral researcher (funded by Belspo Prodex). My topic focuses on neuroplasticity in astronauts and vestibular patients, in the framework of a large internatational project for the European Space Agency. In addition, I am also interested in several clinical aspects of the vesitbular system.

In 2014, I was invited as an Honorary Research fellow at the Division of Brain Sciences of Imperial College London, UK, where I conducted research on the use of neuromodulation in vestibular patients. In addition, I conducted a 6-month research project in 2017 involving functional neuroimaging and vestibular stimulation as a visiting researcher at the Functional NeuroImaging group, German Center for Dizziness & Vertigo at the Ludwig-Maximilian's University in Munich, Germany.

Up until now, I has more than 70 contributions to (inter)national conferences and 23 (co)authored publications. I have received several (inter)national prizes, such as the Amelia Earhart fellowship 2016-2017 by Zonta International. 

Apart from my scientific work, I also engage in science communication: e.g. writing blogs on a regular basis for my personal Neuropolis blog (www.neuropolisblog.com), Studio Brein (Breinwijzer), Eos Wetenschap (Eos blogs) and Knack (opinion). In addition, I regularly give workshops and presentations on astronauts, the vestibular system and/or the brain. In February 2018, my first non-fiction children's book 'In Mijn Hoofd', about the human brain, was published (publishing house Lannoo Uitgeverij). I've received several prizes for my SciCom efforts, such as the Gust Bouwen prize for Science Communication (2017), an academic prize given two-yearly by the University of Antwerp, and a year distinction for science communication by the KVAB (2018). I won the 2018 edition of the Flemish PhD Cup with my 3-min pitch. 

From my position as a young woman and female researcher, I am interested in ways to contribute to the facilitation of female presence and leadership, in particular in the area of academia and STEM. I am the president of the Young Antwerp Golden Z club (Zonta International) and am currently setting up a local 500 Women Scientists pod in Antwerp. 

More information on my personal webpage: www.angeliquevanombergen.com


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