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Dear Colleagues,

By this way I would like to highlight my motivation for my application as member for the Board of Directors. As ATP representative on this Board, I can become your spokeswoman in order to motivate  your opinion and vision within our University.Interfacultary open communication is very important for all involved players to achieve our future policy.

Let me first introduce mysel fa little bit to you: In 2006 I graduated as an veterinarian specialised in small and exotic animals. After working few years in the practice and the industry, I found my way again to the University of Antwerp where I am currently working as project manager for the Vaccine- and Infectious Disease Institute (VAXINFECTIO).  As a secondary occupation, I am politcally active at municipal level, to represent the health and well-being of both humans and animals.

Being a project coördinator, I know perfectly what the needs are for you as ATP personnel member within this growing University. Having an overview on all technical and financial aspects of many projects, it is clear where the hurdles exists and where policiy could be further improved. In my current position, I try to build bridges between the researchers, the central departments of the University , and the industrial outside world. Communication is key in order to achieve a good understanding and to translate your research to the market. This is also exactly what I aim to do within the Board of Directors: to bring a good translation of the internal needs, in order to achieve the most efficient policy.
As project manager I had the advantage to gain experience with industrial contracts, internal and external projects, EU projects, patents & licensing, which will bring added value to the decisiontaking within the Board of Directors. Additionally, my broad experience and background knowledge, will help me to understand your opinion and to translate this to the right people to make the difference!

Below you can read my position on some policy issues which are important to me:

  • Monitoring and implementation of our internal key strategic values: KICKS = Klantgericht (Customer Oriented), Integer (Integer), Creatief (Creative), Kwaliteitsgericht (Quality Oriented) and Samenwerkingsgericht (Collaborative)
  • Customer Oriented internal and external communication:
    • Improvement of the internal communication between the central and decentral departments in order to improve collaborations
    • Implementation of an efficiënt email policy
    • Customer Oriented, clear and transparent communication
  • Follow-up of a correct and efficient Personnel Policy with maximum development and career opportunities for ATP employees who have the right qualifications and capacities, and this in order to promote the general objectives of our organization. A sustainable personnel policy is necessary to anchor the expertise within our university.
  • As a politician I also dare to draw the blue line within this institution: equality of opportunities and equality of treatment for everyone!
  • Stress Surveillance ... everyone knows it and many have to deal with it on a daily basis (and this applies to all personnel):
    • Attention to the Work-Life Balance
    • Maintain our purchasing power
    • Monitor the ever increasing workload
    • What is acceptable, what is mandatory, what is allowed ... Keep the balance!
  • More resources for central and decentral support for our research, education and service providing. 

In conclusion, it would be an honour for me to become your spokeswoman to be heard and to have an opinion with the key policy makers of this growing and innovative University. Please don't hesitate to contact me in the future to share your opinion with me. My door is always open for discussions of for listening to your own personal concerns!

Best regards,






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