In 2012 she graduated as a physician at the University of Antwerp, Belgium. She started her training for neurologist at the Antwerp University Hospital, Belgium, which she finished in 2019.

From 2013 till 2019, she combined her clinical work in neurology with a PhD about therapeutic strategies for neurodevelopmental disorders, at the Cognitive Genetics Group in the Center of Medical Genetics, Antwerp. The focus of her research was the treatment of the fragile X syndrome and the clinical characterisation of the Helsmoortel - Van der Aa syndrome.

Since October 2019, she is a postdoctoral assistant at the research group Disability Studies, Family Medicine and Population Health (FAMPOP) at the University of Antwerp.

Her research interests are:

  • Neurodevelopmental Disorders / Intellectual disability
  • Cognitive genetics
  • International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF)
  • Neurological rehabilitation

She has worked as a neurologist at the Academic Center for Epilepsy Kempenhaeghe, Heeze, the Netherlands (November 2019 till April 2020).


Statute & functions

Assisterend academisch pers.

  • doctor assistent

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  • vrijwillig medewerker

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