Annie Cuyt

Annie Cuyt


Campus Middelheim
Middelheimlaan 1
2020 Antwerpen, BEL


Annie Cuyt is head of the research group Computational Mathematics at the University of Antwerp. She is involved in mathematical research in areas of science where computing plays a central and essential role, emphasizing algorithms, numerical methods, symbolic methods and scientific computing.

Annie Cuyt is a member of the Royal Flemish Academy of Belgium for Science and the Arts (KVAB). The main task of the Academy of Flanders is giving perspective to the societal debate on scientific and artistic topics in a neutral and interdisciplinary way.


The research group research group is a member of the Dutch-Flemish Scientific Computing Society, which unites researchers and users of numerical mathematics and scientific computing. The most important SCS goal is transfer of knowledge.

The group also manages the HPC core facility CalcUA, which provides faculty, staff and students at the University of Antwerp with a high performance computing (HPC) infrastructure for research purposes.



Statute & functions

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  • emeritus with assignment

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