Annie Cuyt

Full professor

Key publications

Sharp bounds for lebesgue constants of barycentric rational interpolation at equidistant points
Ibrahimoglu B. Ali   Cuyt Annie A.M.  
Experimental mathematics - ISSN 1058-6458-25:3 (2016) p. 347-354
Sparse modelling and multi-exponential analysis (Dagstuhl Seminar 15251)
Cuyt Annie A.M.   Labahn George   Sidi Avraham   Lee Wen-Shin  
Dahstuhl reports - ISSN 2192-5283-5:6 (2016) p. 48-69
Sparse interpolation and rational approximation
Cuyt Annie A.M.   Lee Wen-Shin    
Contemporary mathematics-661 (2016) p. 229-242
Analytic models for parameter dependency in option price modelling
Cuyt Annie A.M.   Salazar Celis Oliver   Lukach Maryna   in 't Hout Karel  
Numerical algorithms - ISSN 1017-1398-73:1 (2016) p. 15-31
Towards unsupervised fluorescence lifetime imaging using low dimensional variable projection
Zhang Yongliang   Cuyt Annie A.M.   Lee Wen-Shin   Lo Bianco Giovanni   Wu Gang   Chen Yu   Li David Day-Uei  
Optics express - ISSN 1094-4087-24:23 (2016) p. 26777-26791

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