Cedric Vuye graduated in 1999 as MSc in Industrial Engineering: Construction. From 1999 until 2004 he was a cost calculator and assistant-project manager at “Algemene Aannemingen Van Laere NV”, one of the largest civil contractors in Flanders. In 2004, he started as a researcher in the asphalt lab of “Hogeschool Antwerpen” regarding the reuse of reclaimed asphalt pavement.

In 2006 he started as a mandate assistant at Hogeschool Antwerpen. His PhD research took place at the Acoustics and Vibration Research Group of the VUB and was entitled “Measurement and modeling of sound and vibration fields using a scanning laser Doppler vibrometer”.

After successfully finishing his PhD research in October 2011, he became a member of the road engineering research section of the “Artesis Hogeschool”, with a focus on sustainable asphalt pavements.

Since January 2014, he was a tenure track docent (assistant professor) at the University of Antwerp in the research group EMIB (Energy and Materials in Infrastructure and Buildings). In January 2020, he promoted to associate professor. He participated in several industrial research projects with all major partners in the Belgian road sector (Belgian Road Research Centre, Port of Antwerp, Brussels Airport Company, City of Antwerp and the Flemish Agency for Roads and Traffic), regarding either sustainable heavy loaded roads (harbour or airport) or research related to noise-reducing measures (noise screens or “silent roads”).

He is the promotor of one finished PhD on the use of optical measurement techniques to determine asphalt material properties and three ongoing PhD projects in road engineering, regarding 1) the use of crumb rubber in bitumen and asphalt, 2) sustainable heavy-duty asphalt pavement road structures (a project with Port of Antwerp), and 3) thermal and structural analysis of heat exchanging asphalt layers. In September 2020, a 4th PhD student will start related to damage phenomena in roads and their impact on the surface characteristics such as noise and skid resistance.
He is also co-promotor of a PhD project in green building engineering regarding the effect of building nodes on thermal comfort.

Cedric Vuye has (co-)authored 19 journal articles, 2 book chapters and 37 conference papers.