Research team


2016-2020 Celine graduated as a pharmacist from the Uantwerpen in 2016. Subsequently, she performed her PhD research in the Toxicological Center, working on human exposure to BPA and other bisphenols. Celine's key developed skills include: development, validation & application of quantitative methods using GC-MS/MS & LC-MS/MS, suspect/non-target screening using LC-QTOF-MS, statistical data analysis, human in vitro metabolism assays, biomonitoring and scientific communication. 2020-heden Celine is currently working as a postdoctoral researcher at the Toxicological Centre, with a focus on forensic toxicology. She is mainly responsible for the development and optimisation of new and existing analytical methods that are applied in (routine) forensic analyses. In addition, she contributes to data analysis and interpretation of the results in forensic cases. She guides the new generation of doctoral candidates in environmental and forensic toxicology.