Research team


Elyne started her PhD research in October 2017. She successfully defended her work in December 2021. The aim of her research was to investigate the role of nurses in pharmaceutical care in 14 European countries, to develop and evaluate a framework about this role and finally to investigate competences needed by nurses to fulfil this role. Using cross-sectional data from 4888 nurses, 974 physicians and 857 pharmacists, followed by 340 interviews and a scoping review, the NUPHAC-EU framework was developed. This framework describes potential nursing tasks in pharmaceutical care, along with potential barriers and facilitators. After the framework was developed, its content was evaluated by 923 nurses, 240 physicians and 199 pharmacists. Shared responsibility' was the most preferred level of responsibility. Finally, through a Delphi study a competency framework was developed. This second framework can be used in competency-based education to evaluate the integration of pharmaceutical care-related competencies in nursing curricula or to redesign curricula to adequately prepare nursing students for clinical practice.