Esther De Boe

PhD student/teaching assistant

PhD 2013-2020

Title: Remote interpreting in healthcare settings: A comparative study on the influence of telephone and video link use on the quality of interpreter-mediated communication​

Abstract: In recent years, remote interpreting has gained a firm footing within the practice of interpreting, especially in public service interpreting. So far however, in healthcare settings, little empirical research has scrutinized the interpreting performance under remote conditions. This doctoral thesis tries to partially bridge that gap. The main corpus consists of three series of simulations of interpreter-mediated doctor-patient consultations. Within each series, a different interpreter performs her task under three different conditions (face-to-face, by telephone and by video). The collected video data is quantitively and qualitatively analyzed by means of a multi-modal assessment tool to evaluate interpreting quality and triangulated by data retrieved from semi-structured interviews. The aim of the research is to identify possible differences in interpreting quality under remote conditions as compared to face-to-face interpreting, and establish to what extent observed problems may be attributed to the remote conditions.

PhD supervisors: 

Dr. Aline Remael, University of Antwerp

Dr. Jim Ureel, University of Antwerp

Dr. Sabine Braun, University of Surrey