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Atmospheric pressure glow discharge for $CO_{2}$ conversion : model-based exploration of the optimum reactor configuration
Trenchev Georgi   Nikiforov A.   Wang Weizong   Kolev St.   Bogaerts Annemie  
Chemical engineering journal - ISSN 1385-8947-362 (2019) p. 830-841
A 2D model of a gliding arc discharge for $CO_{2}$conversion
Paunska Ts.   Trenchev Georgi   Bogaerts Annemie   Kolev St.  
AIP conference proceedings-2075 (2019)
Computational modelling of atmospheric DC discharges for CO2 conversion
Trenchev Georgi  
Antwerpen, Universiteit Antwerpen, Faculteit Wetenschappen, Departement Chemie, 2019,206 p.
Modeling for a better understanding of plasma-based $CO_{2}$ conversion
Bogaerts Annemie   Snoeckx Ramses   Trenchev Georgi   Wang Weizong  
Plasma chemistry and gas conversion / Britun, Nikoley [edit.]; et al.-p. 1-31
Modeling a Langmuir probe in atmospheric pressure plasma at different EEDFs
Trenchev Georgi   Kolev St.   Kiss'ovski Zh.  
Plasma sources science and technology - ISSN 0963-0252-26:5 (2017)

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