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Guido Marnef is professor at the History Department of the University of Antwerp and a member of the Center for Urban History. His research focuses on the Protestant and Catholic Reformation in the Low Countries, the Dutch Revolt, cultural life in the cities of the Low Countries with special attention for the role of the printing press, the chambers of rhetoric and education. He is a member of the editorial board of Ons Geestelijk Erf and a member of the advisory board of Trajecta. Religion, Culture and Society in the Low Countries. From 2005 until 2014 he was also a member of the editorial board of Tijdschrift voor Geschiedenis. He is president of the Belgian-Dutch Foundation "Colloquium de Brabantse Stad", president of the Flemish-Dutch Society for Early Modern History, and a member of the advisory board of Refo500. He was a fellow at the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton (January - July 1995), the Netherlands Institute for Advanced Study, Wassenaar (September 2006 - June 2007), and the VLAC - the research center of the Royal Flemish Academy of Belgium (January - June 2011). From October 2016 until June 2017 he  spent a sabbatical leave as Brill fellow at the Scaliger Institute of Leiden University working on his book about the Calvinist Republic in Antwerp (1577-1585).


Recent news:

- New publications:

Guido Marnef, 'Civic Religions', in: Ulinka Rublack (ed.), The Oxford Handbook of the Protestant Reformations, Oxford: Oxford UP, 2017, p. 546-564.

Guido Marnef, 'Erasmus of Rotterdam and His Influence on the Development of the Protestant Reformation in the Southern Netherlands', in: Erasmus Studies 36 (2016), p. 35-52.

Guido Marnef and Anne-Laure Van Bruaene, 'Civic religion: gemeenschap, identiteit en religieuze vernieuwing', in: Anne-Laure Van Bruaene, Bruno Blondé and Marc Boone (eds.), Gouden Eeuwen. Stad en samenleving in de Lage Landen, 1100-1600, Gent: Academia Press, 2016, p. 165-206. [English and French editions are forthcoming.]

Guido Marnef, 'Antwerpen: Jacob Propst, Wilhelm von Oranien und Philipp Marnix von St. Aldegonde', in: Michael Welker, MIchael Beintker and Albert de Lange (eds.), Europa reformata. Reformationsstädte Europas und ihre Reformatoren, Leipzig: Evangelische Verlangsanstalt, 2016, p. 25-34. (Also available in English and Korean edition).



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