Publications in the spotlight

Demonstrating innovative technologies for the Flemish asphalt sector in the CyPaTs Project
Van den bergh Wim   Jacobs Geert   Kara De Maeijer Patricija   Vuye Cedric   Arimilli Sravani   Couscheir Karolien   Lauriks Leen   Baetens Robin   Severins Ian   Margaritis Alexandros   Hasheminejad Navid   Blom Johan   Stoop Jan   Sharif Muddsair  
IOP conference series : materials science and engineering-471 (2019)
The exploration of the use of a heat exchanging asphalt layer as a prosumer in a low temperature heating grid
Baetens Robin   Severins Ian   Ceulemans David   Arimilli Sravani   Couscheir Karolien   Jacobs Geert   Van den bergh Wim   Vuye Cedric   Verhaert Ivan  
Proceedings of the REHVA Annual Meeting Conference, Low Carbon Technologies in HVAC, April 23, 2018, Brussels, Belgium-p. 1-8
Diffuse versus specular reflection : the influence of hot spots on reflected apparent temperature
Lauriks Leen   Severins Ian   Peeters Jeroen   Steenackers Gunther  
Quantitative infrared thermography- (2018) p. 412-417

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