Publications in the spotlight

Effects of species evenness can be derived from species richness ecosystem functioning relationships
Lembrechts Jonas   de Boeck Hans   Liao Jinbao   Milbau Ann   Nijs Ivan  
Oikos: a journal of ecology - ISSN 0030-1299-127:3 (2018) p. 337-344
A simple method to vary soil heterogeneity in three dimensions in experimental mesocosms
Liu Yongjie   de Boeck Hans   Wellens Marc   Nijs Ivan  
Ecological research - ISSN 0912-3814-32:2 (2017) p. 287-295
Climate warming experiments : selecting the appropriate technique
de Boeck Hans   Nijs Ivan  
Terrestrial ecosystem research infrastructures : challenges and opportunities / Chabbi, Abad [edit.]-p. 213-234
Species richness effects on grassland recovery from drought depend on community productivity in a multisite experiment
Kreyling Juergen   Dengler Jürgen   Walter Julia   Velev Nikolay   Ugurlu Emin   Sopotlieva Desislava   Ransijn Johannes   Picon-Cochard Catherine   Nijs Ivan   Hernandez Pauline   Guler Behlul   von Gillhaussen Philipp   de Boeck Hans   Bloor Juliette M.G.   Berwaers Sigi   Beierkuhnlein Carl   Arfin Khan Mohammed A.S.   Apostolova Iva   Altan Yasin   Zeiter Michaela   Wellstein Camilla   Sternberg Marcelo   Stampfli Andreas   Campetella Giandiego   Bartha Sandor   Bahn Michael   Jentsch Anke  
Ecology letters - ISSN 1461-023X-20:11 (2017) p. 1405-1413
Disturbance is the key to plant invasions in cold environments
Lembrechts Jonas   Pauchard Aníbal   Lenoir Jonathan   Nuñez Martín A.   Geron Charly   Ven Arne   Bravo-Monasterio Pablo   Teneb Ernesto   Nijs Ivan   Milbau Ann  
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America - ISSN 0027-8424-113:49 (2016) p. 14061-14066

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