Jan Annaert


Publications in the spotlight

Cross-sectional predictability of stock returns : evidence from the 19th century Brussels Stock Exchange (1873-1914)
Annaert Jan   Mensah Lord  
Explorations in economic history - ISSN 0014-4983-52 (2014) p. 22-43
What determines euro area bank CDS spreads?
Annaert Jan   De Ceuster Marc   Van Roy Patrick   Vespro Cristina  
Journal of international money and finance - ISSN 0261-5606-32 (2013) p. 444-461
Estimating the spot rate curve using the Nelson-Siegel model : a ridge regression approach
Annaert Jan   Claes Anouk   De Ceuster Marc   Zhang Hairui  
International review of economics and finance - ISSN 1059-0560-27 (2013) p. 482-496
Are extreme returns priced in the stock market? European evidence
Annaert Jan   De Ceuster Marc   Verstegen Kurt  
Journal of banking and finance - ISSN 0378-4266-37:9 (2013) p. 3401-3411
New Belgian stock market returns, 1832-1914
Annaert Jan   Buelens Frans   De Ceuster Marc  
Explorations in economic history - ISSN 0014-4983-49:2 (2012) p. 189-204

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