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Jan Wynen is a member of the Department of Political Science (Research Unit on Public Administration and Management), University of Antwerp, and is also affiliated to the Public Governance Institute (Catholic University of Leuven). He is active as a postdoctoral researcher  (FWO fellowship). During his PhD he empirically examined the effects of organizational autonomy in the public sector using COBRA data.

Short summary of his postdoctoral project:

In response to economic pressures and increasing demands on public sector performance, subsequent waves of public sector reforms were introduced over the last decades. During these reform waves, public sector organizations were subject to a wide array of structural changes. Research has largely neglected the impact of such sequential and repeated structural changes on public sector organizations. My research addresses this gap and examines the effect of an organization’s history of structural changes on a key variable for the functioning of a public sector organization: the way it deals with organizational autonomy. The autonomy an organization enjoys in practice does not always equal the formal autonomy it received from political principals (parliament, cabinet and ministers). Some organizations do not fully exploit their autonomy leading to situations whereby organizations are unable to fulfill their goals for society. In contrast, others try to maximize and even expand it, making the organizations more resistant to control from their political principals. Consequently, the issue of organizational autonomy is attracting much academic interest because it impacts directly on both public sector performance as well as democratic control of public organizations. The link between an organization’s history of structural changes and its organizational autonomy will be examined using large N data as well as small N indepth case studies.

In 2013, Jan received the best paper award for his paper  on the effects of NPM-type reforms on organizational culture within public sector organizations  at the conference of the International Research Society for Public Management (IRSPM) which was held in Prague.

For more about Jan Wynen, download his cv.

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