Publications in the spotlight

Urgent action on climate change must go beyond microfinance 'business as usual'
Bastiaensen Johan   Huybrechs Frédéric  
European Microfinance Platform blog- (2020.01.28)
Green microfinance : pitfalls, potential and pathways to transformation
Huybrechs Frédéric   Bastiaensen Johan   Van Hecken Gert  
International Science Council, 2020,4 p.
Can financial incentives change farmers' motivations? An agrarian system approach to development pathways at the Nicaraguan agricultural frontier
Van Hecken Gert   Merlet Pierre   Lindtner Mara   Bastiaensen Johan  
Ecological economics - ISSN 0921-8009-156 (2019) p. 519-529
Addressing climate change with microfinance plus : experiences in cattle and coffee regions of Nicaragua
Bastiaensen Johan   Romero Milagros   Huybrechs Frédéric  
Emerging challenges and innovations in microfinance and financial inclusion / O'Connor, Michael [edit.]; Silva Afonso, Joana [edit.]-p. 13-37
The role of microfinance and financial inclusion in the quest for environmental sustainability
Bastiaensen Johan   Huybrechs Frédéric   Van Hecken Gert  
A research agenda for financial inclusion and microfinance-p. 75-85

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