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- Data management, data modeling, data collection - Economic and financial history (18th-20th century)

Archives for the economic history of Belgium (19th-20th centuries): unlocking the historical records and data of companies and stock exchanges for research in economics, finance and business (ARCHIE.BEL). 01/01/2022 - 31/12/2031


ARCHIE.BEL proposes a collaboration between the Belgian State Archives (BSA) and the Research Centre for Enterprises and Stock Exchanges (SCOB). The former is the principal repository for business archives in Belgium, the latter an interdisciplinary research centre for economic and financial history at the University of Antwerp's Faculty of Business and Economics. Together, they will facilitate and perform research in the economic and financial history of Belgium by (1) improving access to important archives and records for economic history, (2) collecting and sharing long-term data on Belgian companies and stock exchanges with state-of-the-art techniques and (3) shedding light on the interactions between financial and economic development through the lens of history. More specifically, the first objective of ARCHIE.BEL will involve the transfer of business and business related archives from SCOB to BSA. These include, amongst others, the historical archives of the two principal Belgian stock exchanges, Brussels and Antwerp. They will be catalogued (i.e. arranged and described) according to international standards for archival description. Together with them being preserved in a publicly accessible archival repository, the availability on inventories will greatly improve their accessibility for researchers (including master's and PhD students in economics and economic history). ARCHIE.BEL's second objective will do the same for the historical data that has been collected to-date by SCOB. This includes data on all securities that have been listed on the aforementioned stock exchanges since the beginning of the 19th century (monthly prices, dividends, interest payments, corporate events, ...) as well as data on their issuers. It will, on the one hand, consolidate SCOB's past efforts in this area by implementing a public (online) interface for browsing, querying and downloading data. On the other hand, it will ensure the continued expansion of the SCOB research infrastructure by implementing a NoSQL database (Wikibase) that enhances its extensibility, and, add new types of data, starting with information on governance and ownership, with innovative data extraction technologies developed within the EU Horizon2020 research infrastructure project EURHISFIRM. Finally (third objective), ARCHIE.BEL will leverage these source documents and data for historical research on the microstructure of the stock markets in Brussels and Antwerp and the financial intermediaries (brokers, dealers, bankers) that were active on these markets.


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