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About Joke Bilcke

I am a postdoctoral researcher at the Center for Health Economics Research and Modeling Infectious Diseases (CHERMID) and a lecturer (docent) at the Unit of Epidemiology and Social Medicine (ESOC). Since 2016 I am a visiting researcher at the Yale School of Public Health (Pitzer lab). I have a background in Biology (bachelor, master), Biostatistics (master) and Health Economics (PhD).

My main interest lies in improving the way data are analyzed and presented in disease studies and health economic evaluations, with a particular focus on accounting for uncertainty due to the lack or imperfectness of data.

My work includes:

- Epidemiology of rotavirus, typhoid fever, chickenpox, zoster, influenza and pneumococcal disease, and the impact of vaccination hereon.

- Health economic evaluations of vaccination programs against the above mentioned diseases.

- Statistical methods including generalized linear models, regression trees and random forests, meta-analysis, MCMC, ....

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