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I am a researcher at the Center for Health Economics Research and Modeling Infectious Diseases (CHERMID) since 2006. Since 2016 I am a visiting researcher at the Yale School of Public Health (Pitzer lab). I have a background in Biology (bachelor, master), Biostatistics (master) and Health Economics (PhD).

My main interest lies in investigating how we can improve the estimation, presentation and interpretation of cost-effectiveness results with uncertainty. 

My work includes:

- Disease burden studies for rotavirus, typhoid fever, chickenpox, zoster, influenza, respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) and pneumococcal disease, and the impact of vaccination hereon.

- Health economic evaluations of vaccination programs against the above mentioned diseases.

- Developing international standards for the conduct and interpretation of health economic evaluations with uncertainty, particularly in relation to infectious diseases

- Methods to deal with uncertainty in health economic evaluations, such as probabilistic threshold analysis.

- Statistical methods to estimate input of health economic evaluations, such as health-related quality-of-life, vaccine efficacy and the joint uncertainty of the parameters of transmission-dynamic model.

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