Jurgen Joossens is head of the Valorisation Office. The core mission of this unit is to support researchers in the protection and exploitation of scientific knowledge. The intellectual property of our university is managed by the Valorisation Office. The valorisation team disseminates the available knowledge and technology and searches for the most suitable valorisation trajectory. This can be either through a license on our intellectual property to a private partner or a  research collaboration and / or by setting up a own spin-off company. The team also provides our researchers with training on entrepreneurship and intellectual property management. The Valorisation Office manages the Industrial Research Fund (IOF) and reports to the Flemish government.

Jurgen Joossens obtained a pharmaceutical degree and a PhD in medicinal chemistry. He was scientist by Janssen Pharmaceutica. Next he was for more than 10 years  IOF fellow at the Antwerp Drug Discovery Network. During this period he co-authored more than 50 scientific publications and he was co-inventor on 9 patent applications.


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