Jürgen Vandenbroucke

Part-time lecturer

Publications in the spotlight

Mind the floor : enhance portfolio insurance without borrowing
Annaert Jan   De Ceuster Marc   Vandenbroucke Jürgen  
The journal of investing - ISSN 1068-0896-28:4 (2019) p. 39-50
Loss aversion implied by a risk-based questionnaire
Vandenbroucke Jürgen   Gosia Fortuna  
Journal of wealth management - ISSN 1534-7524- (2019) p. 1-10
Adaptive portfolios and the power of diversification
Vandenbroucke Jürgen  
The journal of investing - ISSN 1068-0896-28:5 (2019) p. 29-37
Risk, reward, and beyond: on the behavioral sensitivities of mean-variance efficient portfolios
Vandenbroucke Jürgen   Das Sanjiv Ranjan  
JOURNAL OF INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT - ISSN 1545-9144-16:4 (2018) p. 79-93
The role of correlation in risk profile portfolios
Vandenbroucke Jürgen  
Journal of asset management - ISSN 1470-8272-18:2 (2017) p. 144-153

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