Karolien Poels

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Publications in the spotlight

Adolescents skeptical processing of retargeted ads on Facebook : investigating the role of privacy concern and a textual debriefing
Zarouali Brahim   Poels Karolien   Ponnet Koen   Walrave Michel  
Etmaal van de Communicatiewetenschap 2016, Amsterdam, 4-5 februari 2016
World of Warcraft, the aftermath : how game elements transfer into perceptions, associations and (day)dreams in the everyday life of massively multiplayer online role-playing game players
Poels Karolien   Ijsselsteijn Wijnand A.   de Kort Yvonne  
New media and society - ISSN 1461-4448-17:7 (2015) p. 1137-1153
Automatic monitoring of cyberbullying on social networking sites : from technical feasibility to desirability
Van Royen Kathleen   Poels Karolien   Daelemans Walter   Vandebosch Heidi  
Telematics and informatics - ISSN 0736-5853-32:1 (2015) p. 89-97
Older and wiser? Privacy concern and protection of Facebook users in the life stages of adulthood
Van den Broeck Evert   Poels Karolien   Walrave Michel  
Annual conference of the International Communication Association, San Juan, Puerto Rico, May 21-25 2015
Cyberbullying on social network sites : an experimental study into bystanders' behavioral intentions to help the victim or reinforce the bully
Bastiaensens Sara   Vandebosch Heidi   Poels Karolien   Van Cleemput Katrien   DeSmet Ann   De Bourdeaudhuij Ilse  
Computers in human behavior - ISSN 0747-5632-31 (2014) p. 259-271
Recall and recognition of in-game advertising : the role of game control
Herrewijn Laura   Poels Karolien  
Frontiers in psychology - ISSN 1664-1078-4 (2014) p. 1-14
Play buddies or space invaders? Players' attitudes towards in-game advertising
Poels Karolien   Janssens Wim   Herrewijn Laura  
The journal of advertising - ISSN 0091-3367-42:2-3 (2013) p. 204-218
Pleasure to play, arousal to stay : the effect of player emotions on digital game preferences and playing time
Poels Karolien   van den Hoogen Wouter   Ijsselsteijn Wijnand   de Kort Yvonne  
Cyberpsychology, behavior, and social networking - ISSN 2152-2715-15:1 (2012) p. 1-6
Getting a line on print ads : pleasure and arousal reactions reveal an implicit advertising mechanism
Poels Karolien   Dewitte S.  
The journal of advertising - ISSN 0091-3367-37:4 (2008) p. 63-74
Hope and self-regulatory goals applied to a marketing context : promotion prevention stimulates goal-directed behavior
Poels Karolien   Dewitte S.  
Journal of business research - ISSN 0148-2963-61:10 (2008) p. 1030-1040
How to capture the heart? Reviewing 20 years of emotion measurement in advertising
Poels Karolien   Dewitte S.  
Journal of advertising research - ISSN 0021-8499-46:1 (2006) p. 18-37

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