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I am a full professor of Strategic Communication at the Department of Communication Studies, University of Antwerp, Belgium. I am a member of the research group MIOS (Media & ICT in Organizations & Society). I hold a PhD in Social Sciences (Ghent University, 2007). I did my post doc at Eindhoven University of Technology (2007-2009).

Starting in the field of advertising research and emotions, my research has developed in wider, mainly ICT areas such as social media, digital games and online advertising. I study how individuals use and experience ICT and how these insights can be applied for persuasive communication (advertising, health promotion, crisis communication, consumer protection and empowerment).

Currently, I am actively involved in research on digital (commercial) environments and emotions: player emotions and in-game advertising (PhD Laura Herrewijn, 2015), emotional experiences in virtual stores (PhD Suzanne Overmars, 2016), personalized advertising in social media: ad tailoring and privacy (PhD Evert Van den Broeck, ongoing), adolescents’ advertising literacy (PhD Brahim Zarouali, ongoing), and advertising in online news media: transparancy of native advertising (PhD Simone Krouwer, ongoing). Another line of research involves persuasive technologies (serious games, reflective interfaces) to tackle online transgressive behavior: a serious game promoting positive bystander involvement in cyberbullying (PhD Sara Bastiaensens, 2016) and automatic monitoring of sexual harrassment on social media (PhD Kathleen Van Royen, 2017).

The courses that I teach are Communication Management at the bachelor level and Consumer Psychology and Persuasive Technologies at the master level.

I am the vice-president of NeFCA (Netherlands-Flanders Communication Association: http://www.nefca.eu/page/home.aspx), and co-chair of their Persuasive Communication division. From March 2013- March 2018 I was a member of the Young Academy of Flanders (http://jongeacademie.be/) where I was board member and co-chair of their Science Communication working group. I'm also co-founder and board member of DiGRA Flanders. 



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