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About Koen Verhoest

Koen Verhoest (PhD.) holds, since February 2012, a research professorship (ZAPBOF) in Comparative Public Administration and Globalization at the Department of Political Science (Research Unit on Public Administration and Management), University of Antwerp, and is partially affiliated to the Public Management Institute (Catholic University of Leuven). Before he was Associate Professor and Research Manager at this latter Institute.

He has a master in political Sciences, a European Master in Public Administration as well as specialized studies in economics. His PhD was in public administration at the Catholic University of Leuven (Public Management Institute).

His main research interest is on the organizational aspects of public tasks/regulation and their governance in multi-level and multi-actor contexts, including the autonomy, control and coordination of (regulatory and other) agencies, the governance of liberalized markets, and the governance of (public private) partnerships and other forms of collaboration. Moreover, he studies these aspects in an international comparative perspective, enabling to study the impact of globalization and multi-level contexts on the governance and performance of these organizational forms.

He is strongly involved in the coordination of the COST-COBRA/CRIPO network on public sector organization, in which he co-chairs the COBRA steering committee.  He was Project Manager of the COBRA-Network (“Comparative Public Organization Data Base for Research and Analysis – network”) with 18 research groups in different countries with research focused on public sector organizations (http://www.publicmanagement-cobra.org/ ) since 2003. He was Project Manager of the COST Action COST Action IS0601: Comparative Research into Current Trends in Public Sector Organization (CRIPO) (2007-2011) with 23 countries, 35 research teams and 84 researchers involved (http://soc.kuleuven.be/io/cost/act/index.htm ).

He also co-chairs the Permanent Study Group on Governance of Public Sector Organizations at EGPA, together with Prof.dr. Per Laegreid (Bergen) and Prof.dr. Sandra van Thiel (Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam) since 2006 (http://soc.kuleuven.be/io/egpa/org/ ).

Since July 2012 he is appointed as co-chair, together with assoc. Prof. Anne Meuwese (University of Tilburg), of the steering committee of the ECPR Standing Group on Regulatory Governance ( http://regulation.upf.edu/ ).

He is representative for Belgium in the Management Committee in the COST-Action TU1001 on Public Private Partnerships in Transport, and actively participating in that network as Chair of AWG1 - country contexts for PPP.

He has published extensively in international journals on organization and regulation of public services (among others in Organization Studies, Governance, International Review of Administrative Sciences, Public Management Review, Policy Studies, and Public Administration and Development). Books include 'Autonomy and control of state agencies'; 'The coordination of public sector organizations', 'The Governance of Public Sector Organisations: Autonomy, proliferation and performance' and 'Government agencies: Practices and lessons from 30 countries' (all with co-authors published by Palgrave).

He has managed over 30 policy-oriented or fundamental national and international research projects, was involved in a FP6 and FP7 project. He was/is promotor or co-promoter of 18 PhDs, of which 11 have been defended already and was in the jury of foreign PhDs from the University of Exeter, Twente and the University of Aveiro (Portugal).

He has given international seminars and talks at, among others, the Hertie School of Governance in Berlin, the University of Exeter and PhD courses at IDHEAP at the University of Lausanne.

He advised several Belgian (federal, regional and local) and foreign administrations and ministeries (in the Netherlands and Ireland) on organizational aspects of public sector reforms, regulation and governance.

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David, A. and Verhoest, K. (eds.) (2014), Multilevel Regulation in Telecommunications: Adaptive regulatory arrangements in Belgium, Ireland, the Netherlands, and Switzerland. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan Ltd. 

Verhoest, K., van Thiel, S., Bouckaert, G., Laegreid P. (Eds.) (2012). Government agencies: Practices and lessons from 30 countries. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan 


BEST CONFERENCE PAPER AWARD IRSPM 2013 for the paper:  Wynen Jan, Verhoest Koen. Do NPM reforms lead to a cultural revolution within public sector organizations?



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