Leonardo Rossi

Ph.D. student

Publications in the spotlight

'Religious virtuosi' and charismatic leaders : the public authority of mystic women in nineteenth-century Italy
Rossi Leonardo  
Women's history review - ISSN 0961-2025-29:1p. 90-108
Holiness & sanctity : Italian stigmatics and the Holy Office in the nineteenth and early twentieth century
Rossi Leonardo  
Antwerp, University of Antwerp, Faculty of Arts, Department of History, 2020,390 p.
Charismatic women in religion. Power, media and social change
Van Osselaer Tine   Rossi Leonardo   Smeyers Kristof   Graus Andrea  
Women's history review - ISSN 0961-2025-p. 1-17
Tyrolean stigmata in England: the cross-cultural voyage of the Catholic supernatural, 1841-1848
Smeyers Kristof   Rossi Leonardo  
British Catholic History - ISSN 2055-7973-34:4 (2019) p. 619-642
On commotions and commodities: catholic celebrities in nineteenth- and twentieth-century Europe
Van Osselaer Tine   Graus Andrea   Rossi Leonardo  
Wiley, 2018,145 p.

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