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It takes two to teach! The effects of team teaching models on experiences, learning patterns and learning outcomes in student teachers during field experiences. 01/05/2020 - 30/04/2024


Within teacher education, field experiences are crucial in training future teachers. During these internships, student teachers are typically placed individually with a mentor. Since collaboration in schools gains importance (e.g. collegial visitation, co-teaching, learning communities), teacher education institutes show a growing interest in field experiences inspired by collaborative learning. Collaboration between student teachers has several benefits (e.g. enhanced communication skills). Therefore, a paired placement, during which two student teachers share a mentor, is suggested to be a good alternative for an individual placement. During paired placements, opportunities for team teaching, which refers to two or more teachers in some level of collaboration in the planning, delivery, and/or evaluation of a course, arise. Different team teaching models exist (e.g. assistant teaching, equal status model). However, research comparing these models is limited. Therefore, this project investigates how the actors involved in team teaching (student teachers, mentors, teacher educators) experience different team teaching models. Moreover, it examines the effects of these models on student teachers' learning patterns and learning outcomes. In this way, the proposed research contributes to theory development on (dis)advantages of different team teaching models and to a comprehensive understanding of student teachers' learning in paired placements.


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