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Structure-activity relationship of 4-azaindole-2-piperidine derivatives as agents against Trypanosoma cruzi
Koovits Paul J.   Dessoy Marco A.   Matheeussen An   Maes Louis   Caljon Guy   Mowbray Charles E.   Kratz Jadel M.   Dias Luiz C.  
Bioorganic and medicinal chemistry letters - ISSN 0960-894X-30:1 (2020)
Deciphering the enzymatic target of a new family of antischistosomal agents bearing a quinazoline scaffold using complementary computational tools
Sebastian-Perez Victor   García-Rubia Alfonso   el-Din Sayed H. Seif   Sabra Abde-Nasser A.   El-Lakkany Naglaa M.   William Samia   Blundell Tom L.   Maes Louis   Martinez Ana   Campillo Nuria E.   Botros Sanaa S.   Gil Carmen  
Journal of enzyme inhibition and medicinal chemistry - ISSN 1475-6366-35:1 (2020) p. 511-523
Immunosuppression of Syrian golden hamsters accelerates relapse but not the emergence of resistance in Leishmania infantum following recurrent miltefosine pressure
Hendrickx Sarah   Bulté Dimitri   Van den Kerkhof Magali   Cos Paul   Delputte Peter   Maes Louis   Caljon Guy  
International Journal for Parasitology: Drugs and Drug Resistance - ISSN 2211-3207-9 (2019) p. 1-7
Revisiting tubercidin against kinetoplastid parasites : aromatic substitutions at position 7 improve activity and reduce toxicity
Hulpia Fabian   Campagnaro Gustavo Daniel   Scortichini Mirko   Van Hecke Kristof   Maes Louis   de Koning Harry P.   Caljon Guy   Van Calenbergh Serge  
European journal of medicinal chemistry - ISSN 0223-5234-164 (2019) p. 689-705
Screening of a PDE-focused library identifies imidazoles with in vitro and in vivo antischistosomal activity
Botros Sanaa S.   William Samia   Sabra Abdel-Nasser A.   El-Lakkany Naglaa M.   Seif el-Din Sayed H.   García-Rubia Alfonso   Sebastían-Pérez Victor   Blaazer Antoni R.   de Heuvel Erik   Sijm Maarten   Zheng Yang   Garcìa Salado Irene   Munday Jane C.   Maes Louis   de Esch Iwan J.P.   Sterk Geert J.   Augustyns Koen   Leurs Rob   Gil Carmen   De Koning Harry P.  
International Journal for Parasitology: Drugs and Drug Resistance - ISSN 2211-3207-9 (2019) p. 35-43

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