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About Marion Wasserbauer

Marion Wasserbauer is a PhD student at the department of Social Sciences. The working title of her research is Queer voices: the role of music in the lives of LGBTQs, focussing on Flanders, Belgium. This multidisciplinary research includes following topics: LGBTQs (in Flanders), LGBT and Queer theory, gender and feminist theory, oral history, identity(-formation), media- and literary theory.

Discover the life stories on music and being LGBTQ on the Queer Voices homepage.

Together with Alexander Dhoest, she coordinates the LGBTQ Forum, a network for academics and members of LGBTQ-related organisations in Flanders.

The interaction of the academic, activist and personal life spheres is another topic of interest: Academia and Identity - when Research meets Activism. Experiences, opinions, insights and outlooks.

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