Merit Hondelink

Merit Hondelink


Sint-Jacobsmarkt 13
2000 Antwerpen, BEL

My NWO funded research is titled: A taste of historic cookery: a reconstruction of the daily meal as prepared by common burghers of Early Modern Dutch cities, AD 1500-1850.

The main aim of my research, supervised by prof.dr. René Cappers (University of Groningen) and prof.dr. Bruno Blondé (University of Antwerp), is to expand our knowledge of the food and alimentary practices of the common Dutch citizen. The central question that will be addressed in this research is: how did the common citizens of Early Modern Dutch cities prepare their daily meal and how did they dispose of their waste? In order to contribute to the development of a better understanding of this topic I will adopt a multidisciplinary approach and compare and integrate the information obtained from bio-archaeological, historical and gastronomic research.


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