Couture Norine: The embodiment of th Belgian Avant-Garde, 1918-1952. 01/10/2006 - 30/09/2009


This project wishes for the first time to offer a thorough study of the couture house Norine. To this end, instead of opting for one exclusive perspective or method, an attempt is made to envisage the complexity of the phenomenon. Seeing as little research is available on which to base such a study, the project will in the first instance contain the necessary 'factual material': the limited biographical information available on the couple Van Hecke-Deschryver needs to be elaborated and a chronological overview of the rise and fall of the couture house also needs to be provided. An overview of all known designs and creations also needs to be drawn up, which will allow for a sketch of the house's evolutions in style. Alongside this, it is the intention to describe the position that Norine occupied within the Belgian and international world of the artistic avant-garde, as well as within the world of fashion itself.


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