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Since September 2015, I have been working as a PhD researcher at the University of Antwerp on the LIFT project (Improving pre-university student's performance on synthesis tasks with Level-up Instructions and Feedback Tool). Within this project, we conduct research on synthesis writing or writing from sources, with a strong focus on writing processes (via keystroke logging software Inputlog).

The three main components of my research are: 
(1) a national baseline study on the writing skills of pre-university students (text quality, writing processes and writer characteristics), 
(2) a study on the relation between writing process and text quality, 
(3) and developing and testing the effect of (process-oriented) feedback. 

Within this project I work together with prof.dr. Gert Rijlaarsdam, prof.dr. Elke Van Steendam, prof.dr. Luuk Van Waes, prof. dr. Mariëlle Leijten, prof.dr. Sven De Maeyer, and dr. Marije Lesterhuis. 

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