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About Noel Clycq

Current position:

Guest professor on the chair 'European Values: discourses and prospects'

Faculty of Arts - Department of History

Postdoctoral researcher and academic coordinator within the EU-FP7-project 'Reducing Early School Leaving in Europe'.

During the period 2013-2018 I'm involved as postdoctoral researcher in the FP7 project focusing on the issue of Early School Leaving in Europe. This project is coordinated by CeMIS (UAntwerp) and is a consortium of nine EU countries. Within this project I coordinate two work packages: The 'Theoretical and Methodological' work package, and the 'Qualitative Fieldwork and Analysis' work package. More information can be found on the website:

Previous positions:

Academic coordinator and project manager of the SBO-project 'Bet You! Boosting the Educational Trajectories of YOUth in Flanders. A study of the obstacles for and strategies of pupils with and without an immigration background in secondary education'. Between 2009-2012 this interuniversitary project focused on the educational trajectories of Chinese, Flemish, Moroccan, Polish and Turkish origin students in Flanders. You can order the book here (in Dutch) or download/ask for some of the publications below.

In 2012 I was also the general coordinator of the Flemish Policy Research Centre on Civic Integration.

My PhD (2007) studied the identification and socialization processes in Belgian, Italian and Moroccan origin families in Flanders and framed this within the theoretical work of Pierre Bourdieu. For more information on this see some of the publications below.

If you are interested in a publication, do not hesitate to contact me.

Recent publications:

Clycq, Noel (2015) From ‘people just like us’ to the ‘fundamentally other’ in an era of antiracism: The instrumental use of religion to exclude the other while avoiding stigma, Current Sociology, 1-18, DOI: 10.1177/0011392115583679

Clycq, N. (2014). 'You can't escape from it. It's in your blood': Naturalizing ethnicity and strategies to ensure family and in-group cohesion, Ethnography, (published online 3 October 2014) DOI: 10.1177/1466138114552948.

Clycq N., Timmerman C., Van Avermaet P., Wets J., Hermans P. (2014). Oprit 14 : naar een schooltraject zonder snelheidsbeperkingen. Gent: Academia Press.

Clycq, N., Nouwen, W. & Vandenbroucke, L. (2013). 'Meritocracy, deficit thinking and the invisibility of the system: Discourses on educational success and failure', British educational research journal (early view).

Casier, M., Heyse, P., Clycq, N., Zemni, S. & Timmerman, C. (2013). 'Breaking the in-group out-group : shifting boundaries in transnational partner choice processes of individuals of Moroccan, Tunisian, Algerian, Turkish, Punjabi Sikh, Pakistani and Albanian descent in Belgium', The sociological review, 61(3): 460-478.

Clycq, Noel (2012). 'My daughter is a free woman, so she can't marry a Muslim': the gendering of ethno-religious boundaries’, European Journal of Women’s Studies, 19(2) 157-171.

Clycq, Noel (2011). Muslims in Antwerp. At home in Europe. Open Society Foundations: London.

Stevens, Peter A.J., Clycq Noel, Timmerman, Christiane and van Houtte, Mieke (2011). Researching race/ethnicity and educational inequality in the Netherlands: a critical review of the research literature between 1980 and 2008, British Educational Research Journal, 37(1): 5-43.

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