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a. Healthy region (HERE) i. Objective and Keywords In the Special Interest Group (SIG), professionals from the government, the public and private sectors are connected to each other around the central theme of destination development of the city of Antwerp and the surrounding area towards a vital and healthy region for its citizens and visitors. from tourism, study and businesses and professional organizations. This approach is already in full development through the professorship of Prof. Olaf Timmermans Healthy Region of the HZ University of Aplied Sciences Vlissingen for the Zeeland region. The concept of a health region is recent. It comes down to installing partnerships aimed at the health (prevention, care and cure) of the population and visitors in cities and regions. This can be translated into the provision of health care, into health policy and into connecting different sectors, e.g. between health care and tourism, connecting disciplines with the therapeutic landscape of cities and regions, municipal health policy in the context of building of a vital community in urban and rural contexts. In short, all initiatives that contribute to Vital Health Regions. This means the following objectives: • Offering a platform for cross-sectoral networking with the aim of converting the opportunities of the city of Antwerp and the surrounding area and the Zeeland region, as a Vital Health Region, into workable market-product combinations. • Knowledge sharing with the aim of offering frameworks that can lead to substantive projects, designed by governments, public and private sectors and knowledge institutions • Positioning the city of Antwerp and the surrounding area and the Zeeland region as a Vital Health Region, with a focus on landscape, living environment, cross-sector connections with regard to health and regional development for a wide audience.