Remco Sleiderink

Professor of Medieval Dutch Literature / Chair Department of Literature

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About Remco Sleiderink

Remco Sleiderink (°1968) is professor of Medieval Dutch literature at the University of Antwerp. In his research, he often focuses on the compositional contexts of Middle Dutch literature, with specific attention to the Duchy of Brabant and the dynamics between court and city. He is also highly invested in material philology, which provides an integrated approach to text and manuscript transmission. Other constant focuses in his research are literary analysis, intertextuality and multilingualism.

Remco Sleiderink and Rick de Leeuw worked together to write the historical novel Ik Jan Smeken. The main character is a city poet of Brussels who died 500 years ago. This novel was also published as an audio book. Remco Sleiderink is quite often in the media with the discovery of unknown Middle Dutch fragments, like recently a Alexander fragment by the Ferguut scribe.


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