Publications in the spotlight

Acting historians: historicism, memory, and performance among Lebanese former detainees from Syria
Shaery-Yazdi Roschanack  
History and anthropology - ISSN 0275-7206-
Arabs in Yiwu, Confucius in East Beirut
Shaery-Yazdi Roschanack  
Middle East report - ISSN 0899-2851-270 (2014) p. 32-33
The Internet and civil activism in Syria
Shaery-Yazdi Roschanack   Cavatorta Francesco  
Civil society in Syria and Iran : activism in authoritarian contexts-p. 119-141
The Local Politics of the Lebanese Disappeared
Shaery-Yazdi Roschanack  
Middle East report - ISSN 0899-2851-262 (2012) p. 2-5
Fixing and negotiating identities in the field : the case of Lebanese Shi'ites
Shaery-Yazdi Roschanack  
Ethnographic fieldwork : an anthropological reader-p. 103-114

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