2004: Bioscience Engineering, cell & gene biotechnology (bachelor UAntwerpen, 2001 & master KU Leuven, 2004).

2008: PhD in Bioscience Engineering  (FWO scholarship) - promotors Prof. Jos Vanderleyden & Dr. Sigrid De Keersmaecker of the Centre of Microbial & Plant Genetics (CMPG): microbiology, genetics, probiotics

2008-2011: Postdoc KU Leuven (PDM & FWO): urogenital probiotics & mucosal immunology

2011-2016: Research professor (TTZAPBOF) at the departement of Bioscience Engineering (UAntwerpen) +  10% guest lecturer at KU Leuven

2014-2019: Member of the Young Academy - Belgium (Flanders)

2016-2019:  Associate professor in Microbiology & Biotechnology (ZAPBOF) at the departement of Bioscience Engineering (UAntwerpen)

2016 - 2019: Spokesperson IWT-SBO project 'ProCure' on defining the future of probiotics for the upper respiratory tract

2016-current : Member of the Academic Board of the 'International Scientific Association on Probiotics & Prebiotics (ISAPP)'

2017: LABIP award for Senior Scientists with “Outstanding Excellence in Lactic Acid Bacteria Research with an Industrial Relevance”

2017- current: Member of the Academic Board of the Belgian Society for Microbiology (BSM) 

2020 - current: Full professor Applied Microbiology & Biotehnology

2020-2025: ERC StG grant holder Lacto-Be https://lebeerlab.com/

2020: Isala project on vaginal microbiota & women's health