Sarah Lebeer

Full Professor Microbiology & Biotechnology

Publications in the spotlight

Airborne bacteria in the atmosphere : presence, purpose, and potential
Smets Wenke   Moretti Serena   Denys Siegfried   Lebeer Sarah  
Atmospheric environment : an international journal - ISSN 1352-2310-139 (2016) p. 214-221
Novel opportunities for the exploitation of hostmicrobiome interactions in the intestine
Claes Ingmar   GarcĂ­a Vargas Cynthia   Lebeer Sarah  
Current opinion in biotechnology - ISSN 0958-1669-32 (2015) p. 28-34
The sweet tooth of bacteria : common themes in bacterial glycoconjugates
Tytgat Hanne   Lebeer Sarah  
Microbiology and molecular biology reviews - ISSN 1092-2172-78:3 (2014) p. 372-417
Adhesion and nanomechanics of pili from the probiotic **Lactobacillus rhamnosus** GG
Tripathi Prachi   Beaussart Audrey   Alsteens David   Claes Ingmar   Lebeer Sarah   et al.  
ACS nano - ISSN 1936-0851-7:4 (2013) p. 3685-3697
Host interactions of probiotic bacterial surface molecules : comparison with commensals and pathogens
Lebeer Sarah   Vanderleyden Jos   de Keersmaecker Sigrid C.J.  
Nature reviews: microbiology - ISSN 1740-1526-8:3 (2010) p. 171-184

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