The development of a toolkit for high school pupils of the 2nd grade to gain hands-on experience in practice about the scientific theory taught in the science & math classes. The toolkit support both teachers & students to engage in STEM-education. 01/10/2017 - 30/03/2019


Development of a building kit, tailor-made for 4th year ASO students (possibly TSO), around energy, as part of the Energy Wizard project by multidisciplinary teams of international students who participate in the European Project Semester at the Product Development department of the UAntwerp, . The building kit contains e.g. a kind of water mill in which 'water energy' is converted into kinetic energy. A professor and students in training as science teachers at the Antwerp School of Education provide input based on their insights into the curriculum and the knowledge to be acquired for the intended target group (second grade ASO).


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