Sibyl Anthierens

Primary health care sociologist

Publications in the spotlight

Video-recording consultations for educational purposes in out-of-hours primary care : patients and physicians are willing to participate
Krug Bertwin   Colliers Annelies   Matthys Jan   Anthierens Sibyl   Philips Hilde   Damen Jorn   Coenen Samuel   Remmen Roy  
Acta clinica Belgica - ISSN 1784-3286-74:2 (2019) p. 65-69
Pain management in acute otitis media : a qualitative study of parents' views and expectations
van Uum Rick T.   Venekamp Roderick P.   Schilder Anne G.M.   Damoiseaux Roger A.M.J.   Anthierens Sibyl  
BMC family practice - ISSN 1471-2296-20 (2019)
Antibiotic prescribing for acute respiratory tract infections 12 months after communication and CRP training : a randomized trial
Little Paul   Stuart Beth   Francis Nick   Anthierens Sibyl   Coenen Samuel   Goossens Herman   et al.  
Annals of Family Medicine online - ISSN 1544-1709-17:2 (2019) p. 125-132
Patient and primary care physician perceptions of penicillin allergy testing and subsequent use of penicillin containing antibiotics : a qualitative study
Wanat Marta   Anthierens Sibyl   Butler Christopher C.   Savic Louise   Savic Sinisa   Pavitt Sue H.   Sandoe Jonathan A.T.   Tonkin-Crine Sarah  
Journal of allergy and clinical immunology : in practice - ISSN 2213-2201-7:6 (2019) p. 1888-1893
Antibiotic prescribing quality in out-of-hours primary care and critical appraisal of disease-specific quality indicators
Colliers Annelies   Adriaenssens Niels   Anthierens Sibyl   Bartholomeeusen Stephaan   Philips Hilde   Remmen Roy   Coenen Samuel  
Antibiotics - ISSN 2079-6382-8:2 (2019)

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