Research group

Sustainable Energy, Air and Water Technology (DuEL)


  • The main research focus is sustainable air purification using either advanced, emerging technologies (photocatalysis) or eco-technological solutions (using microorganisms or vegetation to capture particulate matter in urban environments). We strongly focus on the use of physical models (CFD, Multiphysics) to analyze, design and develop new air purification technologies and strategies. This approach has strengthened both the fundamental research of the group as well as the application driven part of the process line. Fundamental research includes model based characterization and assessment of photocatalytic coatings by a thoughtful correlation of controlled experiments and models (an in house developed new method to determine intrinsic kinetic parameters) and the study of particulate matter (PM) deposition on vegetation. On the application side, we design, develop and assess photocatalysis based reactors based on the fundamental insights and models for airflow, light distribution, mass transfer of pollutants and chemical reaction kinetics. We hereby use photocatalysis as a platform technology that can be introduced in other, combined technologies (for example electrostatic precipitators). Another research field is the development of novel and innovative semi-active photocatalytic systems and solutions suitable for cities. To this end, we also develop urban air quality models to assess the impact of the air purification strategies that we develop. This involves the coupling of air quality models and mesoscale climate models to investigate the impact of innovative mitigation solutions (photocatalysis, eco-technological and other solutions).


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