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About Steven Jacobs

Steven Jacobs is an art historian specialized in the relations between film and the visual arts. His other research interests focus on the visualizations of architecture, cities, and landscapes in film and photography.

Steven Jacobs teaches at the Department of Letters at the University of Antwerp since 1 October 2016. He also teaches at the Department of Art History at Ghent University.

He has published in journals such as Art Journal, History of Photography, The Journal of Architecture, Millennium Film Journal, October, and De Witte Raaf among many others. In addition, he authored The Wrong House: The Architecture of Alfred Hitchcock (2007), Framing Pictures: Film and the Visual Arts (2011), The Dark Galleries: A Museum Guide to Painted Portraits in Film Noir (2013, with Lisa Colpaert), and Screening Statues: Sculpture and Cinema (2017, with Susan Felleman, Vito Adriaensens, and Lisa Colpaert).

Steven Jacobs curated exhibitions and various film programs for KASK-Cinema Ghent, Cinema Zuid Antwerp, and Cinema Muto Pordenone, among others. For Cinematek Brussels, he edited the DVD set Art & Cinema: Belgian Art Documentaries (2013).

Current and future research projects include an edited volume on "city symphonies" of the 1920s and 1930s (with Eva Hielscher and Anthony Kinik) for Routledge.

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