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Intellectual Property Coordinator

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About Steven Vermeir

Steven Vermeir is responsible for the coordination of all Intellectual Property (IP) related matter in general and for the management of the Antwerp University & Colleges Association patent portfolio in particular. Based on the specific valorisation trajectory for any invention, he assists the researchers, valorization & IOF managers in defining the most appropriate protection strategy for this invention. Furthermore, he takes care of the filing, prosecution and maintenance of patent (applications) in close collaboration with (external) patent attorneys.

As another important task, Steven takes care of the sensitisation of all the Antwerp University & Colleges Association stakeholders (students, researchers,  spin-off companies …) on the importance of taking the appropriate protection measures in order to start a successful valorisation trajectory by providing specific training sessions on IP-management.

Steven studied Bioengineering Sciences at KU Leuven (graduation year 2003) and obtained a PhD in the same field in 2008. Previously to this position, he held several postdoctoral positions at KU Leuven both in a research context as in a technology transfer context. In 2016 he became member of the Valorization Office, embedded within the Research and Innovation department.

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  • projectcoƶrdinator


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