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Drs. Sven Buyle (°1993, Antwerp, Belgium) graduated in 2016 as a business engineer (supply chain engineering) at the University of Antwerp, Faculty of Business and Economics. His research interests are situated in the field of air transport and airspace economics and management. Sven is currently working as a doctoral researcher at the Department of Transport and Regional Economics (Faculty of Business and Economics, University of Antwerp), where he is preparing his PhD in the field of air navigation service provider business models. His doctoral research applies industrial economics on the European air navigation service sector by using stochastic frontier analysis to assess economies of scale, cost complementarities and the impact of different business models and merger scenarios on cost efficiency. Sven's public PhD defence is planned on 29 September 2020.

Since 2017, Sven is the assistant lecturer for the summer school "Transport and logistics in a changing environment", which is organised annually in Chongqing, China for students of the faculty of Business and Economics in collaboration with Chongqing University and POM Antwerpen. As part of his educational duties, he acts as supervisor and assessor for master theses.

Sven supported the organisation of the 21st ATRS World Conference, which was hosted by the department in July 2017 in association with C-MAT (Centre for maritime and air transport management), and has been involved in the organization of the department's annual Air transport colloquium since 2018.

Sven represents the department of Transport and Regional Economics within the Young Research Network of the faculty. This network regularly organizes activities with the aim of bringing together PhD students and young postdocs across department borders.

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