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Research, development and application of novel artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques. These methods should be more human-like, have a lower resource footprint, generalize better to new or adapted tasks and environments and have an improvement interpretability and robustness. This work has been applied in industry, logistics, sports, finance and ecology. Tom De Schepper is also challenge manager within the Flanders AI Research program. Additionally, he has also expertise with industry collaborations in the form of ICON projects, Baekeland mandates, and Horizon EU projects. For instance, he was the research lead of the DAIQUIRI icon project with the following companies involved: VRT, EMG, NEP, Arinti, and Cronos.

Flanders Artificial Intelligence European Digital Innovation Hub (Flanders Al EDIH). 01/11/2022 - 31/10/2025


Many Flemish companies are aware of the potential impact of AI, but most SMEs have not yet investigated how AI might affect their business. Given the technology potential, there is an urgency to accelerate the adoption of AI in Flanders. The Flanders AI EDIH accelerates the adoption of AI among (especially) SMEs and public sector organisations by an integrated service offering: (1) Test before invest: initial advice, individual coaching, AI technical feasibility study, legal workshop, Start AI, (2) Skills and training: AI inspiration session, thematic webinar & event, masterclass, AI Summer school, (3) Support to find investments: info session, financial literacy course, matchmaking & finfinder guidance (4) Innovation ecosystem and networking: talent & skills matchmaking, matchmaking on AI supply & demand, matchmaking on joint research, Flanders AI Forum. The Flanders AI EDIH consists of complementary partners who guarantee a cross-sectoral and accessible Flemish operation, with a local physical presence in every Flemish province. The Flanders AI EDIH strengthens existing Flemish initiatives to prevent a fragmentation of available AI innovation services, and actively aligns its service offer through close collaboration with the Flemish Industry Partnership, the Flanders AI Research Programme, the Flanders AI Academy (VAIA), the Flemish Supercomputer Centre (VSC) and Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) Flanders. The Flanders AI EDIH currently offers a number of smart spaces as testing and experimentation facilities, maintain direct links with existing innovation actors and initiatives (such as the Flemish sectorial focused DIHs) and is closely aligned with the Flemish AI policy plan. At European level, the Flanders AI EDIH has ongoing structural collaborations through the AI DIH Network, the Smart Connectivity DIH Network (SCoDIHNet), the EPoSS Smart Systems EDIH Task Force, the Vanguard AI Pilot.


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