Trijntje Cornelissens

Trijntje Cornelissens


Prinsstraat 13
2000 Antwerpen, BEL

Trijntje Cornelissens is fascinated by Operations and Supply chain management. She teaches various aspects of this knowledge domain at the UA Faculty of Business and Economics and the Antwerp Management School. Her research addresses the alignment of a company's business strategy with the design and planning of its supply chains. Her research is conducted in close collaboration with industrial contacts and the ANT/OR research group.

After her Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics and additional master ICT, Trijntje worked for 25 years in industry, mainly in the area of Operations and Supply Chain Planning. She performed projects at operational, tactical and strategic level for multinational companies worldwide. Her project assignments included the design, development and implementation of APS (advanced planning & scheduling) processes and systems, and the development of the underlying constraint programming solvers. Over the years, Trijntje evolved from expert to partner of the ICT and SC consulting companies she worked for.

October 2011 Trijntje returned to the University of Antwerp and started at the department Engineering Management of the Faculty of Business and Economics.


Statute & functions


  • emeritus occasional assignment